Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You are ALL Invited!! :)

Do you like to get together with other women and have a delightful, lively conversation on a subject that will never cease or run dry? Then I have a fellowship for you in your very own area that you will LOVE! It is called Bible Study Fellowship! It is an awesome, non-denominational study of the Bible that gives you an opportunity to study the Word and then get back together to discuss it! It all started many years ago by one little lady with her small, small group of ladies willing to learn! And today it is world-wide and loved by everyone! Do you have a Bible stuffed in a drawer or on a shelf gathering dust? Why not open it up and glean from God's wisdom and love? And the best way to do that is to gather with other beautiful women and talk, giggle, share, and maybe even shed a tear or two.... and well, as women, we do that well, don't we? :)

Don't wait until a tragedy touches your life to learn His powerful Word. You might be too devastated to draw much strength from it.....prepare today. We will all suffer at some point in our lives and usually for most of us, suffering arrives at our doorstep more than once in our journey in life. It is wise to learn who this Father is and His character before that day of pain arrives....usually it sneaks up behind you and throws you for a loop and knocks the wind out of you. Then it is too painful to do anything but cry. I have learned that it is critical to KNOW this source of strength before that dreadful day comes. Life is fragile, you know. When my father passed away in 1994, I was devastated because it was a tragic death. No special final words to depart with him. My sister gave me a pretty little wall hanging with the words, "Life is fragile, Handle with care"....not anything super clever until you do go through a dark valley, and then you realize how profound those words are. I have reflected on the words many times since his death. We are fragile human beings and it is important to have an anchor that we can cling to and trust. And, my friend, I want you to know that I don't know how I would have made it in life without my Anchor to cling to and carry me. There is power in his Word....but you can't draw from that source of strength if you don't open your Bible and learn who He is! :)

LOL! I have gone on and on this morning! :) As I had my quiet time this morning with my Father, I had an overwhelming desire to share my excitement for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) starting up soon (it runs just like a school year, starting in the fall and stopping in the spring...and if you have children, don't let that stop you, as there is a children's program as well). Oh and don't worry that you can't understand the Bible or have never opened it up before to know what it is all about....there are many ladies who are in the same boat. The women who are more familiar with the Word are very helpful too.

Go here to check out more for your area: Bible Study Fellowship

Have a beautiful blessed day! :)
Hugs, Carolyn
Psalm 28:7

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Anonymous said...

Hubby and I have had a small group Bible study in our home for about two years or more. We love welcoming friends into our home and have a wonderful time of learning and fellowship.