Saturday, May 21, 2011


Happy Saturday Afternoon!

For today.....Saturday, May 21, 2011

Outside my a nice spring day....a tad bitty cloudy with the sun peeking on & my granddaughters would say the sun is playing peek-a-boo.

I am thinking.....boy howdie, my neck is killing me!!!  I am not sure exactly what I did....but it hurts something terrible!!  My granddaughter spent the night with me on Wednesday night and I shared my bed with...she even wanted to share my pillow!  :)  Okay, I didn't see that would be a problem....HOWEVER, when I woke up Thursday morning to get ready for work....OOOOuUUuuCCCCccccCHHH!!!!  I guess I slept real stiff as to not disturb her sleeping...I am not sure but today it hurts worse than Thursday morning!  I am wondering if I am going to have to go to a chiropractor!  I cannot move my head to the left or the right (very dangerous when driving)... cannot look up either!  I can look down without too much pain and look straight ahead.  I had so much planned for this weekend...  :(

I am hearing.... I am listening to one of my favorite blogs music... Rebecca over at the Gathering Place has the best music evah!!  Ha!Ha!  She always uses that word "evah"!  :)  "In the Palm of Your Hand" by Alison Krauss to be more specific.

I am wearing.....ha!ha!  You don't want to know what I am spite of my bad neck, I refuse to throw in the towel and not get anything done.  I was working out in the flower beds just a few minutes ago...and I still have on my brown sweats and white t-shirt....splotched with a little dirt and sweat!  :)

I am put my foxglove in the flower bed.  I bought a new plant this afternoon and I need to get it in the ground.  I love love love foxgloves.  They are the prettiest flowers in the world in my opinion!!  I bought a little platter on ebay yesterday with a foxglove painted on pretty.  When it arrives, I will have to take a picture and post it!  When my daughters were little, I had a big flower bed FULL of foxgloves with a white bird house on a post in the pretty. 

I am reading.....I am not reading anything right now....but I felt a little melancholy earlier today and was thinking I would like to read the Little House on the Prairie books again...return to the basic old-fashioned goodness of life...before all the world's craziness that we are in now (thinking of Arnold S).  It has been years since I read those old books but I remember the last time I read them when my daughters were in grade school how much they made me feel good, wholesome, and warm...  :)

On my much pain I am in.  I am constantly trying to relax my shoulders and neck....I mentally force my shoulders to fall back down where they are supposed to be and before I know it, they have tensed back up again.  Maybe I should go take some Tylenol and take a the Foxglove planting for later.

From the kitchen.....well, I am on a new diet....called the Dukan diet.  It is really working for me.  I will be having tilapia with onions with a little bit of seasoning and fresh green beans tonight.  So yummy!

Around the daughter and granddaughters went back home Friday morning after a couple days visit but I still see evidence that the little girls have been here.  A couple of toys still out ...sometimes it is nice to have them out...makes me feel like those beautiful, happy girls are still here just around the corner and will jump out any second to give me a hug!  :D  The windows are wide open, letting in fresh breezes after so many days of rain and cold.  The little red teapot is on the burner, ready to whistle any make a cup of afternoon tea.  I just receive and am enjoying my "Willard" mail from Susan Branch....I just enjoy her sweet art and her pretty home on Martha's Vineyard with her updates. 

One of my favorite peace and quiet!  I love my granddaughters but this weekend has been guarded to belong to only me!  :D  Haven't had any alone time for months with all the activities in my life and learning a new I actually worked hard on keeping it a secret that I took Monday and Tuesday off and none of my friends or family know!!  LOL!!!  SSSHhhHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  I am hiding....only my boss knows I am off!!  And she promises to keep my little secret too!!  :)  Do you enjoy your "me" time?  Do you have to have it periodically too?  :)

A few plans for the next few tomorrow and more gardening for the next few days!  :)  Praying God will heal my neck so I can be a little productive with my time.....maybe He wants me just to relax...  at any rate, I just would like the pain to go away.

Blessings to you and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Psalm 28:7


Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

Oh my Carolyn! I pray your neck gets better soon. Sounds like a sweet time with your daughter and granddaughters anyway. I'm amazed you can garden at all. Yes, me and alone time is good for the soul once in a while. Enjoyed reading about your day and catching up a little. Foxgloves are a beautiful flower, but have never planted them. Please take care and enjoy your time off.

Blondie's Journal said...

It's so nice to hear from you and I'm really sorry you feel bad. In spite of your pain, you still sound so positive and upbeat in your post!

I LOVE foxglove and have a few in my garden. I get so excited when they bloom!

Enjoy your time off and get better, my friend!


Marydon said...

I like my 'me' time more often than not. Hope you get to feeling better quickly, Carolyn.

Have a lovely weekend ~

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn, It was so good to see a new post. I hope your neck is feeling better soon. Isn't that the way, whenever you have a couple of days to putter you don't feel your best. You know I love me some foxglove. My first blooms are windign down but I put in some new ones this year that should be blooming in the next month. Enjoy your me time. Patty

Rebecca said...

Girlfriend you CRACK ME UP! Not laughing over the pain in your neck mind you (sorry you are hurting), it's just the LAST THING I expected to read on your bloggie was MY NAME!

I dooo use that EVAHHHHH word a lot, don't I???? Har Har Har~

I promise not to EVAHHHH use it again! K?


Lovin' that Foxglove! YUMMMEEE!

Love to you~