Sunday, May 2, 2010

Romantic & Old-Fashioned Girl Candle Holder

This beautiful little candle holder was a birthday gift from my daughters one summer several years ago. It has a little handle and you drop a tea light or small candle inside the little "bucket"...there are pretty little cut outs on the side to let the light dance & shine through. They bought it at a delightful shop that is now gone. Don't you hate that? :( It was a tradition every year for 20 years in early December for me to stop in there to pick up my daughter's annual Boyd's stuffed bear along with other gifts. Every Christmas eve after reading the Baby Jesus Christmas story to the girls, they would open 2 presents -- their bear and a new storybook in one package and then a flannel nightgown that I had made for them in the other package. So when their daddy and I tucked them into bed they were all snuggly as they hugged their bear. We would allow them to read their books for about a half an hour before turning out the light. (After they were older, I bought a classic novel and they would read for a little bit in anticipation of Christmas morning.) Sweet memories! :)
Anyway, I am getting off course... If you remember back in an earlier post, The Funny Furniture Story, I thought this beautiful candle holder was gone. My daughter was encouraging me to move on to the more contemporary look --"no one uses this kind of decor anymore in their homes" ...ha! she hasn't checked out all the cottage and vintage blogs on line! :) As I was upstairs rummaging through the attic looking for my grandpa's wedding gift, the White Milk Glass Hobnob, there was a box. Hmmm...what is in that? Oh my! Teapots and other delightful cottage items! Including this candle was not sold in the yard sale after all! So it is Christmas in May for me minus the Boyd bear and snuggly flannel nightgown! :)
Happy May!
Hugs, Carolyn
Psalm 28:7


The Tin Rabbit said...

I'm so glad you found it! What a wonderful tradition you had with your children...I know they love the memories of you doing this...Have a Wonderful week Carolyn!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Sweet memories and such a love piece. Aren't you glad you still have it and found it. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

Patti said...

wonderful memories to cherish!! As for Susan Branch's books...they are entertaining/cookbooks with inspirational sayings throughout - all hand done in watercolor - next time you are at the bookstore, check them out! And I DID NOT know she had dishes...I'll have to go to her website!

Anonymous said...

I really love your photography. You definitely have a gift.

Beverly said...

What a pretty little girl and so prcious because it was a gift from your daughters. Your Christmas Eve memories are so sweet. We had boys, but similar in reading about the birth of Baby Jesus and opening one present which was always Christmas PJ's I had made. We still keep that tradition with our grandchildren only it happens on the Sunday before Christmas...until last year and making 10 pr of PJ's...just couldn't do it.
Anyway missed a couple of posts and just wanted you to know, I have marked those two verses in my bible to read again.
Oh and you have the most beautifl flowers behind your little candleholder.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Carolyn, it is truly charming. Just lovely!!

Barb ♥

paperbutterfly said...


What a wonderful memory.

I love finding treasures that are packed away.

Thank you for sharing with us.

Have a wonderful week.

sarah said...

when I first saw this as your page opened...I thought it looked so feminine and the memory you shared.

A Busy Single Mom said...

What special memories and beautiful photography! Have a great weekend.

The Tablescaper said...

Oh so sweet. She is just adorable.

- The Tablescaper