Monday, May 17, 2010

Taking some time...

My little girl.....well, she really isn't this little coming back home for a year to live with me. She has college debt that she wants to whittle away very quickly and the best way to do that is to live with Mom. Do you hear me complaining? Nope, you are right...I am happy!! I love my daughters and have always enjoyed being with them!

I hear wedding bells in the not-so-far-off future for this little gal and what a wonderful time now to make some treasured memories with her before she rides off in the sunset with her sweet prince! She had been living with roommates after she graduated and started off her I haven't spent a whole lot of time with the prince. She moved in two weekends ago and I have had the opportunity to visit with him quite a bit...I am very pleased with this young man! :) He is such a gentleman and very mild-mannered and gentle....most of all, he makes God his first priority! I look forward to a year of getting to know him better! :)

Since my next year will be busy with my daughter ...and also my granddaughters, I have decided to postpone blogging for a while. I might pop in here and there to post something....or make comments on other blogs now and then, but for the most part, I want to treasure this time in my life with my daughter.

I also want to mention here that I am amazed at the blogging world! There are so many kind, friendly ladies out there with a kindred spirit! I have enjoyed meeting so many of you and have learned tons of invaluable decorating ideas! Maybe I won't be able to stay away that long... :) I don't know....but thank you for all that have befriended me!! :)

Take care!
Hugs, Carolyn
Psalm 28:7


Anonymous said...

Carolyn, you are wise to take this time because you will never get it back. It sure sounds like your daughter is wise in all her choices. Her mama raised her well :)

Blogging is a hobby that can be picked up when you have time. We'll leave the light on.

Rebecca said...

Oh Carol...I'm going to MISS YOU!

But...that said~the last year my daughter was at home is the most precious of all her growing up years. The last night she slept in her bed I crawled into it with her...we bawled together even though we were both very happy.

Please visit when you can and KNOW I will be thinking of you.

Love to you~Rebecca

Bella said...

Hello Carolyn,
How lucky for you to have your daughter coming home to stay... You are so right to enjoy it for all you can!
I have enjoyed getting to know you.. and wish you well!

Brenda said...

May this be a blessed time for both you and your daughter. Time is fleeting and precious. Thank you for sharing your obedience to the Lord in this matter as you seek to cultivate your relationship with your daughter before she enters the next phase of her life. I hope you'll update us from time to time.

Patti said...

You'l be missed and I am sure you will be back....and lucky you to have such a wonderful relationship with your daughter - I love when mine come home to visit, I miss them terribly! So, enjoy!

Susan B said...

Hi Carolyn,
That's wonderful that your daughter has moved back in with you. Our oldest daughter and her husband moved in with us a couple of months ago. They want to pay off school loans, and save money for a home. We are thankful that they are here. We love being with our family too. Enjoy this precious time with your daughter and her prince. :) I will miss your posts, and hope you will find time to update from time to time. God bless.

The Tin Rabbit said...

You will definitely be missed! Enjoy your time with your daughter! Come visit sometimes! XO, ann

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Carolyn , Thank you so much for visiting my blog! How so very exciting to have this time with your baby! ( :
How special

Smocking with Gwen said...

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! This is such a precious gift to share special time with your daughter. My daughter spends lots of time with us as her husband has had 3 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan but would much prefer a less stressful time. I hope you check on us from time to time and let us know how you are doing.
Happy Memories,

A Busy Single Mom said...


Enjoy your time with your daughter - as you know it goes by so fast! I think you are a very special person with a sincere heart. You will be missed, but maybe you will have an opportunity to check in once in a while. Take care.

Natasha said...

I don't blame you one little bit! Blogging takes up a lot of precious time-time that you need to be spending with your beautiful family!

Enjoy every sweet minute!

Best wishes,

a picket fence life said...

Wishing you a wonderful year with your daughter! Isn't it great to spend time with the grown-up versions of our kids too? Enjoy! :)

Bringing Pretty Back said...

zrolyn, you can remember the bounce trick with your next hubby! hee!Hee!
Have a pretty day,

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Carolyn, what a beautiful comment you lefy on my blog today. Thank you so very myuch. I agree with you 100%. Have a pretty day,

Beverly said...

Just wanted you to know you have been missed. Just checked back in case you had posted.
I'm sure this is a very special time with your daughter and all the time given to her, you will never regret. How wonderful for both of you that she has found someone so perfect for her.
I will check back from time to time. I always enjoyed your fresh, sweet posts.

Cora said...

Enjoy your time with those loved ones....Time is so precious!

Thanks for your visit and joining me....I look forward to your next post! Seems as though we have a lot in common.
Blessings to you!

sewingseeds4U said...

Hi Carolyn,
How nice to hear from you. I'm glad you're enjoying this time with your daughter. I have missed your blog and your comments. Thanks for the book list. I've just started The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas. I am enjoying it and will most likely have it finished tonight (I just started it Sunday). She has a few more books that I know I will add to my reading list. I have In the Grip of Grace but haven't read it yet...I will pull it off the shelf once this book is finished.

Enjoy your family. Let me know when you start writing again...I've missed you. Blessings, Patty