Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Funny Furniture Story

I have to tell you a funny, funny story! I chuckle every time I think about it!

A couple of years ago my daughter graduated from college. She came home and insisted my house needed a makeover! I looked around trying to see things with “new” eyes to see what she could possibly be talking about! Oh my! Wow, she was right! I had been working so hard and had kept my nose to the grindstone so that I had become pretty blind to the things I used to enjoy!

Alright! Next step according to Miss Smarty Pants was to have a yard sale. Okay…yeah, I could remove a few pieces of furniture out to the sale. Before I knew it my house was empty and there was a complete house outside without the walls! I am serious! All of my living room furniture was gone except for my grandfather clock and my grandma’s old sewing machine! We even sold my entire bedroom suite in our overly zealous salesmanship! This meant I sold my beautiful four poster bed! Her logic was that now Dad was gone, I should get a “new” bed—okay, I could see where she was going with her thinking process. Her other thought was that now she and I were realtors as a team, we were going to new heights! Wow! The money we were going to make! Everyone would be pea-green with envy! Ha! Stuck a little bit of “Gone with the Wind” in my story….because my furniture was gone with the wind! ;) Okay, I will stop...

Uh oh!!!! The economy took a huge nose dive!! Sales slowed down…ummm…I mean stopped. My living room was empty with no place to sit! My bedroom was empty with no bed! LOL! I prayed. As I waited to see how God was going to supply and help these silly women, we put my daughter’s loveseat from college in the living room. If you close your eyes and imagine a dorm full of messy college girls, you can imagine the stains on the loveseat. But it was a place to sit for the time being instead of the floor. We took the bed that was Mom & Dad’s from the ‘60’s into my bedroom….we had just recently acquired the bed when my mom went to the nursing home 2 years ago.

Four months later, the Lord provided in a miraculous way! My daughter started going to a new church once she returned from college and met this guy. This guy had connections at a huge furniture store outlet and they were having a family & friend sale before opening the sale to the public!! My daughter said she would buy a few pieces for me for my birthday as she had landed an awesome job with her degree! She was able to purchase everything I needed to furnish my living room…..for $500!! That included a sofa, love seat, overstuffed chair, and a dresser along with 3 extra chairs and a huge mirror! We could not believe it!! We sent other friends over to the sale…no one else walked away with the amazing deal that we did!! We knew it was our own special miracle delivered by our Provider! :)

I wouldn't suggest doing a makeover this way!

Psalm 28:7

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Carolyn said...

oh yes, $500. also included the ottoman! ;)

God is good!

Cottage Sunshine