Monday, April 5, 2010

The Sun Bonnets

Several weeks ago I was visiting my daughter and her little family in KY with my sister. On the way home, my sister and I stopped at an antique mall and we were very late getting home. Ummm…do I need to explain why? :) I found several old bird hooks….I had to have them! I found a home for one of them for now. They go so well with the “feel” of my home. Presently, I have my daughters’ sunbonnets hanging on the hook.

One year many years ago, my mom and I took my daughters to see the “Little House on the Prairie” home in Missouri after reading all of the books. It was Laura Ingalls’ home after she was married to Alfonzo Wilder. Before our trip, I made prairie dresses and bonnets for the girls to wear to make it all the more fun for them (like I said, this was a long time ago before they were too old to worry about being “cool”). I made pockets on the pinafore. Inside the pockets, I sewed in little itty, bitty pockets for secrets…notes or trinkets! They loved it! All children love secrets!
Psalm 28:7

........…And I have a secret! :) I met through blogging a granddaughter of Laura Ingalls! Pretty cool!! You can meet her over at her blog…her name is Laura. She looks so similar to the actress, Melissa Gilbert, who portrayed Laura in the TV series.

P.S. I believe she told me she is a granddaughter~ it might be that she is a niece. It was several weeks ago that I stumbled on to her blog.
P.S.S. I just went over to her blog and she just lost her mother....sweet little gal to keep in your prayers!



Cheryl said...

oh - do I ever love your sewing machine pic! and those vintage suitcases are ever so gorgeous.

I have always been smitten with "Little House", have a few really old hardcovers which I must unearth from the basement. Thanks for reminding me about the joy of Laura Ingalls. So sad to lose someone so unexpectedly...oh my prayers go out for this woman.

As for when will I start my daughters have offered to get me started in a few months, I will certainly keep you posted Carolyn.

xo hugs, Cheryl

Carolyn said...

LOL! Cheryl, I am so excited! :) Will be fun to see your "life" too!

God bless you!

Tennis Girl said...

Thanks for you post about my Chemex. I would love to see you Mother's coffee pot sometime. Sounds adorable. Love you old sewing machine. What a treasure!