Friday, October 8, 2010

Psssst! Should I tell...?

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Possibly write a book?

Last night I went out with an old girlfriend to Starbucks to share a cup of Pumpkin Latte and to "catch up."  She asked me if I had started my book.  She is always encouraging me to write a book about my life.  One time many years ago, my daughter had said she was going to write a book about my life because it is so interesting and that I am so amazing.  *blush*  My daughter loves me and is a little prejudice, of course.  Well, I had mentioned it to my friend several years ago.  And she took notice and sat up, eyes wide open, and said you need to write that book!  She said, "Carolyn, your life IS very have been through so many hurts, pain....and you have so much wisdom as you handled each particular your divorce.  So many women can glean from what you had been through and how to handle a blast of shock and unbelievable heartache."  After we talked that day several years ago, I took the thought home....are there any books out there to advise a woman with the pain and shock of a marriage of many years to only become aware of all those years equaling deceit, dishonesty, infidelity, and adultery?  I knew as I walked that road, it was God leading me, carrying me, and keeping me under self-control.  I knew it was God bringing all those things out in the open for my eyes to finally see.  I prayed for several months wanting only His direction as how to react.  I knew my behavior and reaction was not your normal reaction which typically you would expect times when it was so unbearable, I had felt like God lifted me up above the earth almost like I was looking down on this woman named Carolyn and her two little girls.  I knew my mind was fragile and I could step right over the edge at any second into insanity... it was critical that I devoted my heart and mind at all times to God.

After time though, I thought writing a book was a ridiculous idea.  Many women have been through divorce....I am no different.  There are enough sad books of divorce on the store's bookshelves.  But last night, Shelly brought it up again.  "Where are you with your book?"  When I told her that I threw the idea out the window, she started explaining to me why I needed to write it.  She was so adamant.  You see her husband two years ago also was discovered to have been cheating on her.  She was devastated and came to me for counseling. (...of course I am not a counselor.)  Their marriage is still intact today...she believes I had a lot to do with that.  She believes that women need to hear my story and what God did for me during that time....she said it would be a blessing for women experiencing similar heartache.  I am praying about such a task being something God would want me to do.  It would be a huge project and I am not sure the road I would have to revisit to write the book effectively is one I would voluntarily want to go down. 

Oh well, I am not sure.  She suggested just typing a little here and there.  Just bits and pieces just to get it down on paper.  I guess I can do harm in that.  Something I will be praying about in the meantime.

Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine
Psalm 28:7


Terri said...

I encourage you to do it.

Though not divorced, I have been through a similar trial. I really don't want to get too personal about it in this comment section, but I will say I felt very alone as a Christian woman.

I believe there'd be a lot of women that may find comfort and grow closer in their relationship with the Lord as a result of reading your story.

I say that because it's obvious He has first place in your heart and your desire would be for your words to be His words. I know He would honor that.


Carolyn said...

Thank you, Terri, I appreciate your insight and being able to share a little of your own pain. I will keep you updated if my little chicken scrathes amazingly turns into a book. :)

Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Write the book. Start a little at a me, I should have done it years, I have forgotten a really should do it!!

HOPE said...

I am amazed that at this time the LORD led you to leave a comment on my blog..A Creative Heart. We seem to have much in common...though I have not experienced this particular topic of your book..I have experienced pain and a fiery trial of faith...I too have put off writing a BOOK...for years..and just recently myself..Submitted to the LORD..that HE wants me to do this. I too thought..there are so many books on these subjects..but I also have had several people and one Author..tell me. You should. You have a story that can touch lives and show the magnificant GOD we serve and love.
I'm sorry that your story has to be that ..that all women dread could be them. Praise GOD for your faith in HIM and indeed HE alone is our strength.
As I have begun my book..I will pray for you Carolyn to accomplish your desire as well.

A quote I love...

Don't miss the journey...for the destination.

GOD does ALL things well..and one day we will know it all by and by.

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