Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spicy Simmering Potpourri Recipe

Do you love potpourri simmering in your home?
I love it too!  :)
When I was at the apple orchard recently, I bought a little bag of simmering apple scent potpourri. 
Hmmmm, it has such a wonderful autumn fragrance!
I am enjoying the scent now as it simmers in my little potpourri burner in my kitchen.
I typically make my own Spicy Simmering Potpourri mix:
  • 1 oz. can cinnamon sticks, broken into pieces
  • 1 (1.12 oz) can whole cloves
  • 1 (1.25 oz) can whole allspice
Mix the ingredients in airtight container.  Place 1 heaping teaspoon into 1/2 c. of water in simmering burner or you can also simmer in pan on your stove.  You can certainly add other favorite spices, as well.  (Just a little warning, though....please watch your water level as the water level decreases!)

Have a Beautiful, Autumn Day!!!
Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine
Psalm 28:7


Anonymous said...

I can smell it now!! Wonderful.I love that picture. It's so charming....Kathy

Blondie's Journal said...

This sounds heavenly, Carolyn...I have to get one of those little simmering pots!


Sherri said...

That potpourri recipe sounds great! I just love the smells of Autumn! Thanks for sharing!

micey said...

smells so good! =)

Anonymous said...

I lit the fall candles yesterday...It is such a warm and cozy smell. I'll have to give your potpourri recipe a try. Have a good week. Patty