Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reaching for my Dreams...

Oh oh oh....tomorrow is the big interview!
My second interview for the job I really want!

I started working last week at a job.....it is working out okay, but I didn't foresee when I took the job that I was going to get a second interview for a job that I had really hoped for several weeks ago!

I am still hoping for this job....my heart is racing with high hopes!  :D
Just hope the interviewer won't hear the pounding!  LOL!

Hope I can sleep tonight....off to bed I go in an attempt to sleep!
Good - night!
(My little scarecrow has been part of my autumn decor for exactly 30 years now!  :)  It was the very first autumn purchase I made as a young bride of 23!)

Hugs, Carolyn
Cottage Sunshine
Pslam 28:7


Anonymous said...

Your in my prayers sweet friend. I know you'll do great. Patty

Sherri said...

Carolyn, good luck today!! I hope you get the job!!

Carolyn said...

Thank you, ladies! :D I so appreciate the encouragement as I am feeling a little sick this morning from the nervous anticipation! :)

I will keep you posted! :D

Ann said...

Good luck! Give them your best!

Anonymous said...

Oh, best of luck and let us know how how it all turns out.

Terri said...

I've lifted you up in prayer.

Rest in the fact that you'll end up exactly where He wants you.

It's obvious that your trust is in Him. You've acknowledged Him, and He is making your paths straight.


Carolyn said...

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes!! So much appreciated!! It went really well today....I will post tomorrow what happened and the next step. I am so exhausted though that I have to go to bed!! :) I know 9 is early but too many nights going to bed late and then I am sheer exhausted from the nervous anticipation. G-night! :) Thank you again!

Ruth said...

Dearest Carolyn... lifting you up in prayers... May God's favor surround you!!


Cora said...

Good luck of course....my prayer for you would be that the right job will come to you...the one that God wants for you...He knows your heart and hears your prayers and of course He knows what is best for you! It's a leap of faith with a heap of trust :)
Best wishes for the best!

Carolyn said...

Thank you! :D I so appreciate such sweet friends! I went out this evening after work with a friend and still don't have time now to post what happened! I will hopefully be able to post this weekend!

I truly appreciate the kind thoughts and words and prayers!